Banning Cellphones in Active School Zones: A Deeper Look

Keeping you safe...

  House Bill 370 is getting not only the green light from the LA House of Representatives, but from local parents. 

"Oh yeah that conversation can wait. Little kids have such a one track mind that it's up to the adult to pay attention and watch," Shreveport mother Ashley McWilliams said. 

   The bill written by LA Rep. Jeff Thompson would make it illegal to basically use your hand-held cell phone while driving through an active school zone. 

"That split second could mean life and death for my kid or someone else's kid. I think it's a good idea," Sophia Ellis said. 

The law doesn't apply for hands-free devices, if your legally pulled over, or needing help. 

Thompson says it's just a short amount of time in a small space, but it could mean a big difference. 
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