Cold weather being blamed for water line issues in Bossier City

Bossier City experienced about 23 water main breaks last month, and city officials blame cold weather.
A water main break that shut down Bossier City businesses last week is now responsible for a boil advisory in the same area: Benton Road between Old Minden Road and Benton Spur.

City crews hope to have the line fixed on Wednesday.

While repairs are going on, some businesses are suffering.

Management at McDonald's says they've had to bring water and supplies from other stores and have even had to close early.

This water line disruption is just one of many.

Bossier City Spokesperson Mark Natale says last month, the city experienced about 23 water main breaks.

Natale believes the cold weather played a big part in breaking down weak infrastructure.

"During cold weather we usually see a lot of water main breaks, as do most municipalities in the United States, but it's something that we deal with,” says Natale. “It's something that they have contingency funds for. It's just part of operating a city utility system." 

Back in November, you may remember the Bossier City Council voted to increase water rates to have money to pay for infrastructure issues like this. 

After the line is repaired the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals will test the water for any contaminants.

Then the boil advisory will be lifted.
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