Family of Natalie Rattler waiting for answers

A Shreveport family's nightmare has come true: the body of their missing loved one was found decomposing in a field.

After days of not hearing from their sister, Brigette and Crystal Rattler grew worried.

"It was unusual for her to, you know, not to contact one of us on a daily basis; especially her daughter on a daily basis," says Brigette Rattler.

They filed a missing person report for their sister, 32-year-old Natalie Rattler on February 8, 2014.

But on Wednesday, a shocking call came from Shreveport Police detectives.

The body of their dear sister was found naked, in a field off of Aline Drive. The Caddo Parish Coroner's Office says the autopsy points to murder. 

"Based on the condition of the body, and other information and evidence that's been gathered thus far, it does suggest that there could be some foul play,” says Cpl. Marcus Hines. “It's too early to make that complete determination, but it does have signs that may suggest foul play."

No suspects have been named, and the coroner's office is still working to determine cause of death. 

Her family says they have no idea of who could've hurt her.

With Natalie gone, there's a hole in the Rattler family.

"We had a very decent relationship to the point where we would basically we'll talk to each other every morning, getting our kids off to school and just having our usual morning conversation and talking later on in the afternoon if possible," says Crystal Rattler.”

Everyone is left with more questions than answers.

"Still wondering what happened? Why? Who could have?" says Brigette.

On Saturday, February 15 at 5 p.m., Natalie's family will have a prayer vigil on Aline Avenue. Everyone is asked to bring a candle.

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