Booker T. Washington students protest

Booker T. Washington students protest

Booker T. Washington students protest, stating they want Dr. Stacey Russell, their principal, removed.

Local students protest to have a Caddo schools principal removed.

They led a small protest outside Booker T. Washington High School after school.

Several officers stood by, and even brought the paddy wagon. But, the actual protest was peaceful.

Students said they want to get rid of Dr. Stacey Russell because she's too strict and unorganized.


"They’re not being able to go on field trips and things they were able to do when they had the previous principal,” said Sheree Harris, a parent of two students.  “I just think they need to re-access the situation and I don't think she belongs here."


"I'm not stopping them. I'm just making sure they get home safely," said Carla Moore, the Director of Child Welfare for Caddo Parish Schools. She said she didn’t know anything about a protest against the school’s principal but said she got a call that she needed to be at the school.


"What I see..they got someone over there putting their foot down and making them get their education,” said Debra Morgan, a grandparent of Booker T. Washington students.  “When it's trouble she call the police and students don't like that but I think it’s the right thing to do."


This isn't the first time they've spoken out against their principal. During a community meeting with the Superintendent on Monday, several complained about her ability to run the school properly. Dr. Lamar Goree told NBC 6 after that meeting that Dr. Stacey Russell, the school’s principal is in good standing with the district.

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