Bossier City teen convicted of murder

Tremond Thomas is convicted of second degree murder and aggravated burglary

A former Bossier High School Football player may now spend the rest of his life behind bars. 11 jurors convicted Tremond Thomas, 17, of Bossier City , of second degree murder and aggravated burglary. 

The guilty verdict came down around 5:36 p.m. in the Bossier Parish Courthouse. Thomas, along with Randolph "Randy" Andrew, broke into a home on Sept. 23, 2012, and killed Ieshia Winbush, 21, all while stealing a Playstation. Police believe Winbush was shot six times during the burglary, including at least once in the head.  

The trial started Tuesday. The jury deliberated for two hours before coming to the guilty verdict. 

"Tremond Thomas went to the home to commit the burglary. He knew Randy had a gun. He went with Randy to commit the crimes. He took the gun from Miss Winbush, and that's why you should find him guilty on both counts," said Prosecutor Charles Smith, before the jury went into deliberation. 

There were eight women on the jury, and four men. All of the jurors were Caucasian except for one African American male. He was the foreman and when the verdict was delivered, he was crying. 

Tremond Thomas kept a straight forward look the entire time. His mother, Randolph Andrew's mother and Ieshia Winbush's mother all had tears in their eyes after the verdict was read. 

Thomas faces life in prison with the possibility of parole. He was 15 when he committed the murder. 

Originally, Taurus Carter, Winbush's boyfriend, was arrested for her murder. This happened while the lead detective Tiffany Brinkman was out of town. When she returned, she learned that  a Playstation was missing from the home after the murder.  She checked "Leads Online" and learned it had been pawned and Tremond Thomas and Randolph Andrew were present when Andrew's stepdad pawned it. 


Det. Brinkman proceeded to interview Tremond Thomas on Oct. 11 and 12 of 2012 with his mother present. He was then arrested for murder, along with Randolph Andrew.  Taurus Carter was released. 

 The statements were played in court for the jury to hear. During those statements, Thomas elaborated on his story several times but eventually said he was in the house when the murder happened, and he described to Det. Brinkman how Ieshia Winbush was positioned when the murder took place. That statement correlates with Forensic Pathologist Dr. Long Jin calculation of how she must've been positioned based on the alignment of her gunshot wounds. Thomas was also able to draw a map of the house while he was questioned by police.

Since the murder, several plea bargains were offered but Thomas declined them all. Winbush's family said they're happy with the verdict. Now, they're waiting for Randolph Andrew's trial, which is set for June. Police believe Andrew pulled the trigger. 

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