Burglars claim they're the police, then rob woman of goods

Home invasion in the 8000 block of Gilmer Bayou Lane

Shreveport Police are hoping to make an arrest in a home invasion in the Bayou Pointe Subdivision.


Around 2 a.m. Tuesday, two men broke into a home in the 8000 block of Gilmer Bayou lane. A woman and two children were sleeping inside, at the time.


“Both of the men were allegedly armed with handguns and one of them demanded money and valuables from the woman at gunpoint,” said Cpl. Marcus Hines.


The men then ran out house with her money and valuables. The children and the mother were not harmed. According to the victim, the men claimed they were the police.


“It’s very disturbing when someone would break into a home and make allegations that they’re with the Shreveport Police department or any law enforcement agency,” said Hines.


Cpl. Hines wants people to know that the police are sometimes authorized to bust into people’s homes, if they have a “no knock” arrest or search warrant. But in this case, the police wear clothing that is identifiable, such as tactical vests labeled police.


People living on Gilmer Bayou Lane said break-ins often happen in the summer.


“That’s not the first time that done happen because there are plenty of break-ins. My mom’s house was broken into two years ago,” said Shana Brown, who lives down the street. “Sometimes they just walking around, they knock on the door and if don’t nobody answer, they break in.”



Shreveport Police said they patrol the neighborhood often. They encourage people to call the police if they see someone who is aimlessly roaming a neighborhood, and looks suspicious.


If you know anything about this case, call Caddo Crime Stoppers at 673-7373. 

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