Caddo Parish voters to decide on bond renewal May 3rd

Yes vote would continue current debt service millage to enable Caddo to fund future capital needs.
Voters in Caddo Parish will have to make a decision on renewing the debt service millage at a rate of 1.75 mills to fund the Parish's infrastructure needs for the next five years. Voters did not approve the same bond renewal in October.

Parish Administrator, Dr. Woodrow Wilson says it is back on the ballot because Caddo does not want to have to turn to other funding sources. Mostly notably the Oil and Gas fund which is down to 8-million dollars, a result of revenue streams drying as oil companies are withdrawing from the Haynesville.

The bond renewal would raise $23 million for Caddo to repair 178 bridges, 900 miles of roads and perform renovations and general maintenance on 22 parish properties.
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