Calvin Grigsby, City Council, and Racist Allegations

Calvin Grigsby, City Council, and Racist Allegations

The public and local leaders hearing first hand over breakfast...

            No good deed goes unpunished. That's the theme of financial adviser Calvin Grigsby's morning breakfast talk with local leaders and the public. 

"This is an issue of race," Grigsby said. 

Grigsby says he can't see any other reason for tensions with city council. 

Originally when spending questions were raised council voted unanimously for an internal audit, then an outside firm was paid with city money to investigate. 

"Oh no. We don't question the latter days. They can't be wrong. This is Louisiana," Grigsby said. 

More than $100,000 later, it was determined he owed the city roughly $50,000 which he placed in an escrow account. 

"The issue is that you (Grigsby) have held that job too long with a black face on it," Grigsby said. 

Councilman Michael Corbin says that's not remotely true. 

"It's interesting that this has turned to race. Different people on council have given the mayor lists of other African American financial advisers all from Louisiana. It's 2014. If we want to attract new businesses and bring people into the city, we can't turn to race every time a decision doesn't please somebody," Corbin said. 

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