Canaan Village Apartments flood

Canaan Village Apartments flood

One of Canaan Village Apartment building flooded today leaving occupants with about two inches of standing water in their apartments
One of the building at Canaan Village Apartments flooded.

Perlene Frazier has been living at Canaan Village for 30 years and say the flooding "usually it be after it rains, most usually, but sometimes it just oozes on its own."

Almetrice Jemison went to church and when she got back her apartment was flooded.

Jemison says "The whole tub was filled up with nasty stinky water and my toilet is just been able to flush it and I can't use the tub or the toilet."

Management called Long Run Plumbers to check on the problem and owner Jerry Berarv says the tenants can stop this from happening again by "Not flushing the items down the toilet that's not supposed to go down the toilet and if the city would maintain the lines a little bit better away from this manhole it might help out some."

There is no emergency number to call at the Canaan Village office.

No word on if management will help clean up the flood waters in apartments.

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