Captain Shreve 23 in 23

Captain Shreve 23 in 23

Captain Shreve 23 in 23

Nathaniel Mays: We expect nothing but state, so state is the goal, and I believe we’re going to achieve it this year.


Captain Shreve has high expectations.  In order to get what they want they’re taking things day by day.


Coach Lary: During the offseason we came up with a slogan ‘the little things matter all the time’ and so even today in practice we’ve got to go out and our steps have to be right.


They’ve been working. With a schedule as tough as their they know they can never let up.


Coach Lary: Our district in 5A football is probably as good as anybody’s in the state. So we are in a dog fight every week.


Kamady Rudd: Luckily experience is on their side. But, that experience doesn’t agree on which side of the ball the Gators favor this year.


Nathaniel Mays: I’m bias toward offense. Offensive line’s got a lot of starters coming back.


Richard Ingram: I’m bias toward defense. We have a lot of people that played defense at a varsity level, and we have a lot of people who are willing to learn and everyone gets around, moves quickly to the ball.


Kamady Rudd: Regardless of side the team shares a common goal.


Nathanial Mays: That we achieve greatness this year.


Kamady Rudd: With a strong senior class, the Gators also boast the largest freshman class in years, the experienced players take pride in teaching the young guys.


Richard Ingram: If they become great then I get to feel like I did something to help them out. Take a little credit. The linebackers are all mine.


Kamady Rudd: Bottom line the Gators expect nothing but the best this year and years to come.
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