Citizens Vote Down Caddo Bond Issue

Speaking loud and clear once again...

    Results from the May 3rd election-- 77% say no and 23% say yes. A low voter turnout unofficially leaves less than 6% of the voting population in Caddo Parish voting down a bond issue to fund repairs on roads, bridges, and parish buildings. 
The 23 million dollar bond issue didn't sit well with many voters. 

"With the economy like it is and with everything going up, groceries and gas. Lower income and elderly people cannot afford more tax at the end of the year. There has to be another way it can be done," Beverly Clarkson said. 

Many point to Caddo already having $160 million in reserves and say that should be used instead. However, parish administrator Dr. Woody Wilson says "reserves" should be just that, reserves. He believes it should be used for economic development and catastrophic events. 
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