Cole Vosbury coming home

Cole Vosbury coming home

He made it to the Top 5 on "The Voice," but now Cole Vosbury's time on the show as a contestant is done.

From blind auditions to the Top 5, Cole Vosbury has been on the musical journey of his life.

Unfortunately, his journey came to an end Tuesday night when he didn't make top three.

"I wasn't meant to win,” says Cole. “That's been set in the stars. Me making top five and going home top five has been set in the stars."

Blake Shelton, Cole’s coach, says he blames himself.

"I should've been, you know, a little bit more aware of whatever it is that America didn't connect with and I guess I just got to do better next time."

Even though Cole's time is over on the show, his musical career is just taking off.

"It's just that we're looking forward now to help guide him into some good hands in Nashville, and get him where he needs to be,” says Robin Vosbury, Cole’s dad. “We've got a lot of support, a lot of help, and we're going in a good direction."

After wrapping up the show, Cole will look to move to Nashville and share his voice with the world.

But he won't forget how much support comes from his hometown, Shreveport.

"My hometown has been, like, I can't even begin to thank my hometown for how much love and support they've given me, and I wish I could've been around to witness it all," says Cole.

No matter where he goes, fans will continue to say “geaux Cole.”

Here are some appearances that Cole will be making over the next few weeks:

• Thursday, December 12 – Appearance on NBC’s Today Show
• Tuesday, December 31 – National Anthem performance at AdvoCare V100 Bowl, Independence Stadium, Shreveport, LA
• Friday, January 3 – “Cole Vosbury’s Hometown Thank You” at Sam’s Town Casino, Shreveport, LA

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