Construction on Shreveport Police evidence room nearing completion

The new evidence room is set to open in September 2014.

Shreveport Police will soon have a four million dollar new property and evidence room. 

Construction workers are finishing up the project, that started in February of 2013. The 20,000 square foot building is located next to the jail. It's set to open in September. It's fitted with bullet-proof, concrete-reinforced walls, built to withstand a tornado. It will have 37 cameras, so that whoever works in it is under surveillance at all times. 

According to Assistant Chief Wayne Smith, it will help with the chain of custody of evidence and help officers work more efficiently to maintain and preserve evidence. 

"Whereas before the officer would deposit the evidence here at the police station and the next working day, it would be transferred to an off site location,to the current property and evidence room," said Asst. Chief Wayne Smith.  

"With the new facility, that wont happen. Officers will be able to collect the evidence and deposit it immediately straight into the property and evidence room."

The department decided to build the new building after mice and snakes tampered with evidence in the current building. There were also wires that started smoking, and threatened to burn the place down. Also, Smith said the department has outgrown its current space. The city leases its current space. 

The project is funded through the 2011 voter approved bond issue. The Property and Evidence Room currently holds about a million pieces of evidence, related to more than 400, 000 cases, according to Wayne Smith

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