DeSoto Ballot Failures--Your Health and Safety

DeSoto Ballot Failures--Your Health and Safety

Your Local Election Headquarters... From fire to mosquitoes...

     A 1.5 mill tax fails to pass and the future of the DeSoto Parish Animal and Mosquito control remains up in the air. Some jurors have suggested total closure while others are open to adjusting the $500,000 department budget. 

  It wasn't just about saving animals, but health risks including West Nile and Rabies. 

In Stonewall another ballot measure failed to pass. Fire District 3 was asking for a 15 mill tax increase to bring two volunteer fire fighters on board since the 52 member crew is strictly volunteer based. 

 "I can't guarantee fire protection during the day light. The area's growing faster than the fire district with the income it has," board chairman Greg Baker said. 
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