Dry but chilly across the ArkLaTex

Many in the area are waking up Tuesday to freezing temperatures.

Many in the area are waking up Tuesday to freezing temperatures.

The good news, is that the morning started dry.

However, it was definitely necessary to bundle up because with near freezing temperatures and wind chill it was a bitter cold start to the day.

At Channel 6 we like to stay warm by dancing around (yes, it works).

It's always important to be prepared for when weather strikes.

Crews in DeSoto Parish worked around the clock Monday to make sure everything was ready in case the weather turned bad.

They had salt trucks and other equipment on standby in case ice began to accumulate.

Governor Jindal also declared a State of Emergency, especially for the Northern part of the state.

It's the fourth State of Emergency that's been issued in the last five weeks.

Some important things to keep in mind when driving in slick conditions:

-go slow

-make sure there's plenty of room between you and the car in front of you

-be aware of bridges (those tend to freeze first)

-try and not have cruise control on in slippery conditions

You can get the latest on road closures by dialing 511 or going to their website

You can also download a free app called: Way to Geaux Traffic Alerts.

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