Facing our Issues

Facing our Issues

Local church looking to raise awareness on AIDS

On Saturday the Mary Springhill Church teamed up with the Philadelphia Center in hopes of raising awareness for HIV and Aids in the Shreveport area.

"A lot of times their family may leave them but the church should be there regardless and not just with AIDS but with any condition.", says Daphne Moore

Allen King-Carter from the Philadelphia Center says it was a good day;

"This whole day is about awareness."

"Facing our issues is an event about HIV and AIDS" that's what Jerome Adkins said about the day.

Demetrese Phillips is the pastor of Mary Springhill, a church who has teamed up with a local non-profit in hopes of combating a serious epidemic. He says people just need support.

"They need moral support, they need spiritual support, they need physical support."

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