Bossier City actor returns home for movie screening

Blayne Weaver is starring in the new, dark movie "Favor."
A Bossier City actor returns home to screen his latest movie. Blayne Weaver is starring in the dark movie "Favor."

"Favor is like an edgy, thriller that is based on the idea that a friend helps you move, but a good friend will help you move a body," says Weaver.

The 37 year-old plays troubled businessman Kip Desmond, who accidentally kills a waitress with whom he's having an affair.

Desmond asks a friend to help hide the body, and that's when things get interesting.

Weaver says this role is very different from what he’s used to playing.

"For a long time, I was the boy next door kind of guy, and so lately, I've been playing more of the cad, which is funny,” says Weaver. “I keep getting worse. In every movie my characters keep getting more terrible, you know? But this guy definitely takes the cake."

But he accepted the role with open arms.

"I mean it was very fulfilling,” says Weaver. “You go through it, and you're like, wow, this is the kind of thing, this is what you sign up to be an actor for; to get these speeches, and these kind of scenes. So, I'm excited about it, and it's very different from anything I've ever done before."

Weaver says long hours made the shooting schedule rigorous.

“We shot it in Los Angeles all night,” says Weaver. “Like I said, it's a dark movie, so we would literally start working at 6 p.m. and get off at 6 a.m. It was probably a six week process, and then editing for months, and then doing the festival circuit every since."

The Robinson Film Center will screen “Favor” Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. Afterwards, Weaver will stick around for a question and answer session.

For more on the movie, follow this link. 
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