Former President Carter to viist Shreveport in fall

Former President Carter to viist Shreveport in fall

Invited to attend Community Renewal International 20th anniversary celebration.
Former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, will visit Shreveport on October 30th to attend the 20th anniversary celebration of Community Renewal International.

Community Renewal's Chairman of the National Advisory Board reached out to Carter who has remained active in community development since leaving office. Community Renewal International is a non-profit that builds and restores neighborhoods through personal relationships. The organization has built 10 friendship homes in 5 Shreveport/Bossier neighborhoods since 1994 and offers after school activities, meals and tutoring in at risk neighborhoods.

Mike Leonard, Associate Coordinator says Carter will tour the 5 neighborhoods during the day before speaking at the celebration during the evening.

"We're hoping that by him taking his time to come and be with us that he will be inspired to maybe home open some doors on a national and even international basis for us," says Leonard.

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