Give For Good raises 1.2 million for local non-profits

Give For Good raises 1.2 million for local non-profits

The Community Foundation of North Louisiana plans to take feedback and create annual event.

Across northwest Louisiana and from computer screens reaching further, the donations rolled in Tuesday. When the 24-hour 'Give For Good' event ended it had raised over 1.2 million dollars for more than 70 local non-profit organizations.

Paula Hickman, Executive Director of The Community Foundation of North Louisiana says the organization hoped to raise $1-million dollars but even they were pleasantly surprised.

"We didn't know how well it would be embraced by the non-profit community, or the donors in our community but I have to say our expectations were just overwhelmed," says Hickman.

Hickman says aside from the fundraising one of the goals of 'Give For Good' was to connect the non-profits with a younger generation. Over $900,000 dollars of $1.2 million collected came via electronic sources such as computers and smart phones.

"We want to grow a group of new donors who like to give online and what a great way to do that, to engage the people to give online," says Suzanne Sims, Director of Community Development at the Providence House.

Sims says 'Give For Good' has helped the Providence House, a center that offers housing and special services to homeless families, identify individuals and organizations that might be able to contribute in the future.

The Providence House received 126 donations for $25,000 dollars.
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