Is Barnwell Forgotten?

Is Barnwell Forgotten?

The doors closed in Dec 2012 for repairs, but no renovations have been made. Meanwhile rare tropical plants have died...

     Two years without movement inside the Barnwell has left a building to deteriorate and plants inside a conservatory to die. 
It was a conservatory that once bloomed with rare tropical plants is a dried up shadow of years past. 

The city was the center's largest contributor, but as the purse strings tighten for basic upkeep and staff, Barnwell supporters are left with a monumental task for fund raising. 

Excluding the conservatory costs go way up. 

"It costs $55,000-$60,000 a year to turn the lights on," councilman Michael Corbin said. 

The building itself is outdated and not up to ADA standards. That would be the first step in spending $1.5 million from the 2011 bond issue, however it'll actually cost around $4 million. 
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