Is Louisiana seeing a crawfish shortage?

Is Louisiana seeing a crawfish shortage?

They're red and spicy, but are there enough of them?

When talking about crawfish, Robert Shaver says, "It's fixing to warm back up some and that's going to help"

Robert shaver is the owner of Shaver's catering. His business is crawfish and this season is starting like none he's ever seen.

He says, "This year we had the coldest winter in south Louisiana history- at least for the past 50 years."

Louisiana accounts for more than 90% of the crawfish consumed in the united states--- and since most of the crawfish come from south Louisiana- it's slowing down all the tail pinching fun for everyone.

"They're having to split them up them all over Louisiana because some of the areas still aren't producing"

The price of crawfish much like the demand is really high but thanks to the warmer weather moving in that price is about to go down.

The price dropped a dollar this week from last but that's going to stay that way until we get a few warmer days

It's a market that started slow--- but it's starting to pick back up

They're doubling the amount of crawfish that they're catching daily, that's going to drive the price down everyday

and with crawfish back in season--- so are businesses like shaver's

the phone are ringing off the wall and that's what we expect.

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