It's time to start planning for back to school

It's time to start planning for back to school

It's certainly understandable your school-age children don't want to think about having to head back to class soon but retail experts say it can pay off big for you especially if you start this weekend. Details from NBC’s Chris Clackum.

Back to school shopping is a 72-billion dollar industry.

Which is why some stores got an early jump on sales this summer but after this's no longer considered early.

Dan Diclerico says "This is really the weekend..the crowds are gonna start to gather in august, the deals are gonna change"

However, a downward change in the economy is behind a national retail federation finding that one in five families actually plans to spend less this year; which explains why competition among retailers has already heated up.

Really deep discounts on wardrobe basics.. So blue jeans, socks, underwear, sneakers...these types of items are being heavily discounted says Dan Diclerico .

Dan Diclerico at consumer reports... Just wrote about back to school sales this summer and came up with a lot to like especially for college students. 

"Target and Wal-mart for example both have huge, very targeted campaigns.. So we're seeing some fantastic deals on small appliances.  Things like personal blenders, pod coffee makers, things that are very popular with college students."

He says prices on electronics have also been slashed 30-50% to include computers, tablets, and cell-phones.

And adds that consumers in these 16 states.... (Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia)... will really have an opportunity to save starting mostly next weekend because of sales tax holidays.

Chris Clackum, NBC news.

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