Jobs in Marshall, Texas on the chopping block

Jobs in Marshall, Texas on the chopping block

Over the past month, the city of Marshall had to consolidate city positions in order to save money.
The City of Marshall is losing money.

Mayor Ed Smith says that's why they've had to consolidate city positions.

"Well, what we recently did is reorganize the overall city structure in an effort to allow us to balance the budget, because of an economic downturn somewhat in our tax revenue and sales revenues," says Mayor Smith.

Three positions have been cut, and the city manager resigned.

But Smith says the cuts allowed him to avoid dipping into other city department budgets.

"The efficiency study recommended that we cut back on our patrol staff, for the police department, but we were able to avoid that by making some of the changes that we made subsequent to the study," says Mayor Smith.

The city dodged raising water and sewer rates, plus avoided cutting street repairs.

Commissioner Zephaniah Timmins says they're losing good people all in the name of saving dollars.

"As a matter of fact if you would have read their evaluation reports, you would've found out that they were great employees and real professionals," says Commissioner Timmins.

Now city officials are partnering with investors in China to bring more industrial jobs to the area, hoping to generate city revenue and growth.

The mayor says he doesn't expect the commission to cut anymore positions.
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