Local Artist Wants to "Unsee" Unscene!

Local Artist Wants to "Unsee" Unscene!

Could Shreveport's latest art projects be leading to urban decay?

    Faces on crinkled paper are what is left behind from one of Shreveport Unscene's latest art installations. It's something local artist Debbie Hollis says contributes to blight, instead of building up Shreveport Common. 

It started with a long line of people on a cold rainy day. 

"The whole thing started disintegrating within 24 hours and it's been that way for three months," Hollis said. 

SRAC Executive Director Pam Atchison knows the problem far too well, she sees it right out her office window. She says it's been a series of "unforeseen" events. There's been wet weather almost every weekend and eight consecutive days of dry weather are needed to repair. 

"I wish all the great pieces artists did could stay up the way they were originally, but we are going to get back to it. So many people stood out in the cold and hopefully by May we can get to work to put all the pictures back up and restore quite nicely," Atchison said. 
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