Local city council woman honored

Local city council woman honored

A local city council honored this morning for her for in the community and practicing what the Bible preaches.

Local city council woman Rose Wilson Mcculloch is being honored Friday.

The group, Church Women United will present Mcculloch with the Valiant Woman Recognition award at 11 at the New Room on Greenwood Road. Mcculloch is a member of Lake Bethlehem Baptist Church here in Shreveport and serves on many other civic boards throughout the city.

Councilwoman Rose McCulloch will received the 2014 Valiant Woman Recognition Award today the event was hosted by Christian Women United, founded in 1941 and represents over 25 million Protestant Roman Catholic, Orthodox and other christian women, celebrating unity diversity, peace and justice. Rose McCulloch is a member of the Lake Bethlehem Church in Shreveport Louisiana, where she is the head of the women's group, Dennis Everett Ray, Sr is the pastor McCulloch is not one to sit behind a desk she's always involved in the community always looking to make things better for the community she is involved in programs at the YWCA and has worked to site historical buildings on Travis Street and Pierre Ave. she represents district A and plans to run for reelection again this year, she has been recognized for this award because she has a genuine concern for the people and she is a woman who practices what the bible preaches. Rev. Steve London, MD, will host the luncheon.

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