Local police look to reunite owners with stolen property

Local police look to reunite owners with stolen property

Items were stolen in home burglaries in Shreveport between March and May.

Shreveport police are trying to identify the owners of property recovered from home burglaries that occurred between March and May. The items were found in the vehicle of 30 year old, Johnathan Igbokwe, who evaded capture after a short police chase and remains on the loose.

The stolen property includes laptop computers, home audio equipment, watches and jewelry. Police believe the items may be connected with thefts that occurred in Shreveport's Brunswick Place subdivision. The value of the items is estimated to be close to $20,000 dollars. If you think the items may belong to you, you are urged to call Shreveport Police at 318-673-2583.

Sgt. Jim Taliaferro says the department isn't ready to blame the warmer weather for a spike in burglaries in recent months, but says there generally is an upswing in home burglaries during the summer due to children being out of school. Many people leave doors unlocked and alarms off as children come and go during the day.

"The important things are if you have an alarm system, use the alarm system, if you have locks on your houses and so forth, use those."

Shreveport Police recommend taking pictures of valuables and their serial numbers so in the event of theft and recovery the items can be verified as belonging to you.
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