Locals celebrate Good Friday by taking part in a walk with Christ

Many locals gather downtown to take part in a walk with Christ for Justice.
It's not a day of sorrow of distress but a day of humality and love

Friday morning hundreds gathered in downtown Shreveport to take part in a walk with Christ in justice during a special presentation of the way of the cross.

As Pope Frances said it's a day of renewing in our life the love that Jesus had for the marginalized people of his day and our day as well

The walk began with an opening prayer led by Bishop Michael Duca.

Then Bearing a wooden cross, hundreds walked all around the inner city of Shreveport as a symbol of their faith

To walk the way of the cross with christ as he suffered and died for us but to understand that there is hope beyond that

A devotion of prayer and meditation at each of the 14 stations commemorating the passion of Jesus

It's very exciting so many people coming out to celebrate this day of when we remember the most important day in the world

It was a reverent atmosphere. prayerful meditative

And while the service is catholic in tradition, this mornings walk also involved people from all different types of Christian churches. coming together and walking with Christ.

Joel Rodgers NBC 6 News

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