Locals enjoy a day of dumping the pump

Locals enjoy a day of dumping the pump

Thursday morning Shreveport's Sportran joined other public transportation systems across the country by celebrating the 9th Annual Dump the Pump Day.

Today people in Shreveport enjoyed a day of free bus riding, bus riding.

In these tough economic times with high gas prices, everyone is looking for a
way to save money. National Dump the Pump Day encourages people
to ride public transportation (instead of driving) and save money.

Riding public transit is an economical way to save money, particularly when
gas prices are high. The latest APTA Transit Savings Report shows that a two
person household that downsizes to one car can save – on the average – more
than $10,174 a year.

However, public transportation doesn’t just help people save money, it also
helps communities grow and prosper.  For example, for every $1 invested in
public transportation, $4 is returned in economic returns.  Mayors know that
communities with public transportation are more competitive.  So, riding public
transportation helps people and their communities!

"It's all about helping people get back and forth and also about helping to make sure that we end up being better to our planet." says Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover.

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