Melvin Slack -- An arrest that brought a message from God...

He says it was all part of a bigger plan...
    Melvin Slack Jr. says he can see similarities.  

"I've always wondered what Martin Luther King went through. I always wondered what Rosa Parks went through. I always wondered what Harriet Tubman went through," Slack said. 

   It's been a bumpy road for the Shreveport mayoral candidate, elevated by what he says was a faulty and unjust arrest last Friday for a hit and run and marijuana possession. 

"Marijuana was found on the street. Not on my person or in my vehicle," Slack added. 

Slack says the arrest was intentional to "dehumanize" his character and shows parallels to historic and biblical references. 

"Jesus went to jail. I'm a true solider. Today at 4:30 this morning God showed me a vision and that's to have a MLK style march to help lift up the unjustly incarcerated," Slack said. 

Slack avoided all questions regarding marijuana use and his remedy to pay for damage from the hit and run. 

The march will begin at 3pm on Texas street in downtown this Friday. 
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