Northwood 23 in 23

Northwood 23 in 23

Preview on Northwood's football season

Football is finally here, and maybe no team more excited than the Northwood Falcons.

“We lost 30 seniors, but I really think the group we’ve got coming in is very talented,” said Northwood head coach Jim Gatlin.

“I want to go farther than what we did last season, to show this class of 2015, that we’re capable of doing our stuff better than the last,” said senior linebacker LaNico Smith.

“After what we did in the spring, I have high hopes for our season,” said center Trenton Dupree.

“I expect us to add more history to this school and make this school look better,” said right guard John Abner.

As the boys said they want to do better than last season, a tough goal but reachable.

“I’m glad they said that. We had a good season last year, 10 -2, went undefeated in districts. As coaches we set our goals to win district championships you’re only as strong as your weakest link, get all of our links a little stronger and stronger than we’re a better football team, ” said Coach Gatlin.

It’s a good day to be a Falcon.

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