Parents raise concerns about local principal to superintendent

A few parents of Booker T. Washington students said there is a lack of structure at the school.

Booker T. Washington Alumni, faculty, students and parents attended a meet and greet Monday with new Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree.


Goree asked the crowd to respect Principal Stacey Russell as she works through her first year as principal. Dr. Russell said she plans to bring more AP classes, and electives to the school in order to keep it off the failing schools lists. She also talked about a new wing next year, dedicated to the 9th grade academy. She said it will have a double dose of algebra and biology classes, to help better transition the students into high school. It will also have a career and graduation coach.


About a handful of the hundred people in attendance brought up concerns about a lack of structure at the school.


"The school is just not organized. We get late memos, not the day before but the day of. It's just becoming an issue,” said Erica McDonald, a concerned parent.  “I would like to see honestly, Dr. Russell gone. That's what I would like to see.  The school hasn’t been run right since last year. "


Superintendent Goree said Dr. Russell is in good standing with the school district and he expects her to remain principal next year.  Dr. Russell did not have any comment.

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