Profiles in Progress: Health

Profiles in Progress: Health

We introduce you to a nurse who uses her free time, and passion for dance, to keep patients healthy.
NBC 6 celebrates Black History Month by highlighting people and programs which improve our community.

In this Profile in Progress, we introduce you to a nurse who uses her free time, and passion for dance, to keep patients healthy.

Sherbrina Jones helps fourth and fifth grade students, at Atkins Technology Elementary, dance their way to better health and stronger self-esteem.

Jones lays the foundation, not just for healthy habits but also healthy body image.

"When the girls come in, they know this is a sisterhood and we're here to encourage each other and empower each other," said Jones.

In college, Jones majored in nursing and minored in dance.

Now she's combined the two as a licensed Zumba instructor and a nurse, at the CHRISTUS Health school-based health center in Atkins Elementary.

Helping people improve their well-being is her life's work.

"Nothing does my heart better than for someone to come to me sick and then check out of the hospital or leave and they feel better because of something I did,” Jones shared.  “I took the time to help someone."

After school, Jones also teaches Zumba classes to women in the Cedar Grove neighborhood and addresses health problems of particular concern for African-Americans.

"Of course it's in our genetic pool… hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol,” Jones explained. “I think if we educate more and we start early, we can prevent the problem."

So before every Zumba class, dancers young and old, get a lesson in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  And it's paying off.

"To see some of those women lose 25 pounds and smiling more and being energetic about class and eating right... No money could satisfy me the way that feeling does,” Jones said.

The students take the Zumba lessons at school for free.

The cost for adults is just $5 to take classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Peaceful Rest Baptist Church, 8200 Saint Vincent Avenue. Class begins at 6:15 p.m.
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