Remembering Robin Williams

Remembering Robin Williams

We are learning more tonight about the suicide of legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams as his friends and fans try to come to terms with his death. Jay gray has more.

A day later the shock of Robin William's death is starting to give way to the realization that the man who made the world smile.

Ultimately, could not escape the dark sadness he felt inside.

"He was just so giving, so amazing, and we are all shocked i mean you never know the depth of depression."

Today investigators confirmed that William's death was a suicide..

"The preliminary results reveal supporting signs that Mr. Williams' life ended due to asphyxia due to hanging."

Authorities won't know if drugs played a role in his death until toxicology reports are completed.

We now know he was found shortly before noon and that his wife last saw him the night before in their home.

Officers won't say if there was a suicide note but it's what Williams did leave behind that so many are clinging to right now.

A legacy of iconic films.. Television shows.. And outrageous stand-up routines..

"He's someone who touched so many different people over so many decades and so many different kinds of projects."

His unique sense of humor and timing, his compassion…revealing a piece of Williams' soul and touching the souls of millions around the world who are now drawn to the places that he made special -- to honor and remember a legendary entertainer, gone to soon..

"He was a beautiful soul, a brilliant mind and he could make us double over with laughter when we were sad."

A sadness that lingers, now that the man who made so many laugh has suddenly left the stage.

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