Saving on groceries when couponing won't do

Saving on groceries when couponing won't do

It's a situation hitting every American home the rapidly rising cost of food, including staples like milk, cereal, eggs and meat.
NBC's Rehema Ellis takes a look at some easy ways to save money on your grocery bill... When every dollar helps.

You don't need coupons to save big. You just need to know some certain strategies and use those strategies consistently.
Shopsmart magazine found several ways to reduce your grocery bill.

First up:  buy bagged produce. Instead of buying produce, like apples, oranges, or onions individually - reach for the bag.

Secondly, buy fresh. For certain brands shoppers were able to save as much as 30% on cheese and as much as 18% for ham bought at the deli counter.

Instead of buying the pre-packaged meats and cheeses because they usually cost more for the convenience.

Also, pick up a rewards card. And visit dollar stores. They have brands you'll recognize at big savings.

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