Shun becomes Calvary's Honey Badger

Shun becomes Calvary's Honey Badger

Cavaliers Swiss army knife Shun Brown fits perfectly Calvary's two-way philosophy
SHREVEPORT, La - "He's called athlete," John Bachman, Calvary head coach said about Shun Brown. "He can do it all."

Brown doesn't care what people call him.  

"How do you say it? Shun or Shawn?", a reporter asked.

"I just respond to all of it," Brown said.

Coach Bachman has another description for the playmaker.

"We say honey badger. He's got that kind of skill-set."

Call him Shun or Shun, he's the swiss-army knife who vaccumed six interceptions and wreaked havoc as a return man for Calvary in 2012 and coach Bachman thinks he's just tapped his potential. 

"That's the exciting thing about him is he can do more. Honestly in defense and in offense, where we think that you're gonna try and hurt us you're probabl going to find Shun."

Bachman's asking his boys to play offense and defense this season to build depth on his team.

"Preachin' to the choir to the guys who've done this all their life. It's nothing new, going both ways, but it's new to us."

Bachman won't get a tear from opposing coaches, who've grown accustomed to playing iron man football with their rosters, but Bachman can smil knowing the Honey Badger will be more involved in his offense and defense.

"He's just one of those special players that comes around every once in a while. I think people will know Shun's name after this year."
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