Southwood builds for the future in 2013

Southwood builds for the future in 2013

After three losing seasons, the Cowboy seniors have vowed to make 2013 a winning campaign, no matter what happens on the scoreboard
SHREVEPORT, La - 2013's not about wins and losses for Southwood's football team. 

It's about improvement. It's about laying a foundation for the future of Southwood football.

"We'll look forward and not look backward at things that have happened in the past," Anthony McClain, Southwood head coach, said. "I think that these young men are at the point where they do know if we have a great year, this will be considered a turn-around year for them as seniors."

Southwood has seen better days. The program's had two wins in three seasons, but what doesn't show up on the scoreboard or box score is what counts.

"You gotta put in the work, you don't put in the work, you can't win," Jovante Bank, Southwood Senior, said."You gotta put God first, though. You gotta work."

The cowboys have the talent for a turn around. Starting quarterback Chris black returns for another year. He's joined by standout safety Keytron Crowder, who trolls the secondary.

Southwood opens the 2013 season on Sept. 6th at Minden. 

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