Stonewall growth: a double-edged sword

What residents would like to see from the new mayor

To many, Stonewall is the new suburban paradise for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Shreveport. 

But, whether the rapid growth will affect the upcoming mayoral election has yet to be answered. 

Longtime residents told NBC 6 they've never seen houses being built so fast. Jackie Cathey said some of the homes in Cathey Acres are being built in less than six months. The new subdivision is named after her husband Howard Cathey, a longtime dairy farmer. He and three other siblings sold the land- 400 some acres- to investors years ago. He has since passed away, but the rest of his siblings and in-laws are just amazed at how quickly cow pastures have turned into mansions. 

The subdivision is set to be three phases. Right now, builders are working on phase two. So far, nearly 125 lots have been sold, according to building permit records. 36 homes have been constructed in the neighborhood since 2013. 

Local dentist Michael Henley just moved into the subdivision. He said his practice has grown from zero clients to 2,000 in the last three years. He said he's one of three dentists in the parish. 

"I see nothing but growth and growth potential out here," said Michael Henley, DDS.  

However, some residents have concerns. Maureen Faulkner would like to see sidewalks, less litter, and better roads. Jackie Cathey believes there needs to be better side roads and  more stoplights, especially near the entrance of Cathey Acres. More than a handful that we talked to all agreed the town needs a grocery store. 

The town of Stonewall will vote on a mayor, town council, and two tax proposals to improve the fire district facilities and animal control services on April 5. 

Here's a link to the candidates:       

Here's a link to the tax proposals:

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