Teacher use "Remind" app to communicate with students

Teacher use "Remind" app to communicate with students

Teachers texting students? School board leaders in one Louisiana parish are now encouraging it. But it's all through a secure app used in many parts of the US to establish stronger lines of communication among teachers, students, and their parents. Haley Rush has the story.

A post-it-note through technology... That's what Calcasieu Parish teachers are calling the app "Remind."

The app conceals phone numbers, sending alerts through unique codes.

For safety concerns, it also only lets teachers text their students collectively, not individually.

District leaders say "Remind" eliminates every excuse for a teacher or student to personally contact each other.

If unauthorized communication still happens... Even with good intentions... They say immediate disciplinary action is taken.

Which is why administrators say "Remind" is the safest option for protection... Especially with the app saving every message.

The "Remind" log is printed out each month and kept on file for one year... With the intention of district leaders monitoring safe communication.

And so far teachers using the app say while the school year is still young, they've seen positive results from students and parents... All through daily briefs making their way to students' phones.

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