Tensions still high in day 4 of "Unrest"

Tensions still high in day 4 of "Unrest"

It has been another anxious day in Ferguson, Missouri. The city is still on edge after 4 straight nights of violence between protesters and police. Today the Governor visited the scene for the first time and President Obama took a break from his vacation to call for calm. Jay Gray has more.

The anger, and anxiety continues to build in Ferguson right now.

The city's police chief talked about the on-going chaos again today but a little later then he had planned.

 Tensions overflowing as protesters initially took control of the microphones. After a fourth straight night of violence between protesters and police..

This afternoon, President Obama - on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard - called for calm, from both sides.

"Now is the time for healing, now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson, now is the time for an open and transparent process to see that justice is done.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon -  traveled to Ferguson today -- and heard from angry residents..

"The police have no respect at all for the community."

 But officers on the ground are again gearing-up for what could be another rough night;Understanding what's already happened.

And concerned..like so many.. About what could come next.

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