The Bible as Louisiana's State Book Up for Debate

The Bible as Louisiana's State Book Up for Debate

More specifically the King James version.

     From a book read every weekend in Church, to a state symbol? The bill by Rep. Thomas Carmody passed a House committee earlier last week 8-5 and will head to the full House later this week. 

Originally Rep. Carmody intended for it to mean a very old specific copy of the Bible found in the Louisiana State Museum system, but then that changed before heading to committee to mean the King James version as a whole. 

"I don't think that's our goal as elected officials and I don't think that's what we were sent to Baton Rouge to do. Everyone has their own different religion and who are we to make that decision for them?" Rep. Barbara Norton said. 

Louisiana's ACLU says the bill "represents the use of religion to discriminate against Louisianians of minority faiths or who do not adhere to that particular book as part of their belief system. The bill will create more problems than it will solve by telling some Louisianians that their belief system is not full equal."
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