The Krewe of Gingerbread parade rolls through Shreveport

The Krewe of Gingerbread parade rolls through Shreveport

"They're very excited they've been talking about it all morning they're ready to catch some beads." says Courtney Strickland

Friday morning the the 81st Street Early Childhood Educational Center played host to mardi gras parade.

It's the 12th annual Krewe of Gingerbread parade and each year it rolls down Shreveport's Fairfield Avenue

Courtney Strickland is an instructer at Hersey D Wilson Head Start Center.... She says her students love the Krewe of Gingerbread parade.

We came last year as well and we love it so we're here again this year

From beads..... to candy...... and from floats...... to marching bands (nats of bands) these area children really enjoy having a mardi gras parade in their neighborhood.

the kids love the bands and they love getting treats.. so they're real excited about it

Edwin Sherman works at the 81st street school.... I asked edwin what do the kids love more the beads or the candy.

He said, "Both they love the candy, the beads, they love the music, they love everything."

And with so much candy, music and fun--- Edwin sumed it up in a few words.

it's a boat load of fun

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