The Providence house gives back

The Providence house gives back

The local non-profit hosts 'Grad Bash' event

The Providence house provides shelter, care, support and encouragement. It also provides answers, new beginnings, and a sense of hope.

Today I was blessed to meet Betty Hampton, a graduate of the Providence house. Hampton first came to the local non-profit in early 2006.

"I suffered from substance abuse- I just couldn't get it together", says Hampton.

Luckily for Betty, the Providence house was there for her.

"The main thing they gave me was a sense of hope"

Without a high school diploma, plus a serious drug problem, she was looking for help.

"I never thought about getting a degree", said Hampton.

But with the help of the providence house-- she obtained her GED, and she didn't stop there.

She's now working on her Masters degree, she works with children, and she's the happiest she's ever been.

"My life is fabulous I have a new car, a new job, a new outlook on life"

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