Traffic concerns near new Sam's Club

Traffic concerns near new Sam's Club

How officials plan to ease traffic bottlenecks on Airline Drive.

Sam's Club in Bossier City opens with a packed parking lot all day, making traffic in the area even more hectic.


Most of the traffic back up was in the southbound lanes on Airline Drive.

There was also a lack of signs at the intersection, in front of the store, causing some confusion.

People living in the Meadow Creek Apartments said they want city officials to fix the stop lights.


"If they just only synchronize the lights all the way down, even right before or right to the school, it probably would help the traffic along Airline Drive,” said Felix Rivera, who lives in the apartment complex.


Bossier City spokesperson Mark Natale said traffic engineers will monitor the traffic in that area and adjust the lights as needed. He said he'll also tell them to analyze the entrance to Sam's Club.


Other than that, Mark Natale said Bossier City does not have any plans of changing that intersection.

But, Bossier Parish is planning to extend Swan Lake Road north to the Cypress Lake area, hoping that will take some traffic away from Airline Drive and Benton Road. It also is in discussions about adding a road behind Sam’s Club, between Airline Drive and Swan Lake Road. The Swan Lake Road project will be in three phases, and is expected to start in January.  


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