Traffic tie-up together: Jimmie Davis and Kings/Youree

In theory a year long headache getting around Shreveport/Bossier...

    You picked the paint, but soon you might want to pick another route to work. 

"We technically could have two major projects going on at the same time," DOTD's Susan Stafford said. 

The Kings and Youree project goes out to bid in August. It takes two to three months from construction to start. In theory, drivers could see very slow moving traffic and repairs all while the Jimmie Davis bridge is closed. Both projects will take a year. 

Business owners on Kings are already starting to plan a head. 

"I'm going to try not to worry. We do have loyal customers so I'm going to make sure they know and can plan a route through the back way," Needful Things owner Corina Richter said. 

While the Jimmie Davis bridge is set to close in January, DOTD anticipates higher traffic along Clyde Fant, Teague Parkway, and the area's other four bridges. 
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