Volunteers help Barksdale open second fitness center

Iron Airman Fitness Center built by volunteers. New gym will alleviate overcrowding at main fitness center and offer alternative workout equipment.
Over 70 volunteers and 1500 volunteer hours went into building Barksdale Air Force Base's new fitness center, which opened Thursday.

The Iron Airman Fitness Center is the result of a small effort to reconstruct a 60 year old building that grew into a base wide effort. The volunteer build resulted in Barksdale saving over $200,000 in contract costs.

The new gym will alleviate overcrowding at the Bell Fitness Center, the primary workout building, and it will result in a shorter drive for those on Barksdale's east side.

The gym is named after the Iron Airman program which began in 2012. The physical challenge requires participants to complete a series of pull ups, sit ups, push ups, and a 2 mile run in under 30 minutes.

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