Memorial scheduled for Mansfield house fire victim

Daun Walton lost everything in a house fire; including her husband, Willie Walton.
Daun Walton lost everything in a house fire; including her husband, Willie Walton.

"For the ones that didn't know him personally, he was a very loving, kind, just a gentle giant of a person, he really was," says Daun.

On Saturday, February 8th, Daun and her daughter Robyn heard a popping noise inside the house.

They heard the quiet 52-year-old father and husband yell, but they were pushed back by flames.

Mr. Walton died from a heart attack.

"I made it through that day with plenty of prayers, plenty of support from my ministers, from my family members, just from everybody that come in contact with us," says Daun.

Daun wants her husband to be remembered as the gentle giant he was. 

"He always had a kind word for everyone he would meet and he was an animal lover,” says Daun.

With everything lost in the fire, Walton’s wife still holds on to memories.

She's been getting help from family and the community.

"It's been so magnificent with people coming and just helping and donating and everything trying to help Robyn and I get back on our feet,” says Daun. “It's been rough, but we're getting there."

Both women are working on moving into another home, trying to rebuild their lives.

Daun says that's what her husband would want.

"It's just going to be rough without him, but we're going to make it," says Daun.

Willie Walton's memorial service is Saturday, February 22 at 11 a.m. at the Purvis Funeral Home located at 2238 Whaley Street in Mansfield.

You can also donate to the family at any Carter Federal Credit Union.
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