You pay for it: Neighbors pleased with Shreveport parade cleanup...

The mess thousands left behind...
     It's your money and a quick clean-up goes a long way for Shreveport citizens. 
Jordan Brice lives of Gladstone, right in the heart of the Krewe of Highland parade route. 

"I woke up this morning and there wasn't a bead to be found. They did a really good job. I was impressed," Brice said. 

The swift clean-up doesn't come cheap and while there's no specific budget set for parades, SPAR and Shreveport Public Works stay busy. 

"By far the biggest job is Mardi Gras parades. Within twelve hours of parades ending it's hard to tell a parade even happened," Shreveport city councilman Michael Corbin said. 

The public works department ranks number three after police and fire for money used in the general fund budget, costing just more than $37 million. 

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