Divided school board selects superintendent

Divided school board selects superintendent

The Caddo Parish School Board selects a new superintendent, after being left with only one candidate.
The Caddo Parish School Board selects a new superintendent, after being left with only one candidate. Dissension among board members nearly ended the search again. After another tied vote Friday a finalist steps down.

It's clear this board is still divided and that could prevent them from making critical decisions in the future. That's evident by this entire superintendent search.

On July 29th the board voted twice for finalists John Dilworth and Mary Nash Robinson. Both votes ended with a tie. Then again on August 6th the board voted six to six for those same candidates.

Then they started the process all over again. Friday both Lamar Goree and Timothy Magner received six votes. What happened next is the one thing that could finally end this search.

When the board couldn't decide between the two for superintendent finalists, Magner decided to make the decision for them.

Magner says, “It was clear the board was not willing to take that leadership."

That's why he took his name out of the running for the position.

"To demonstrate we can come together behind a strong leader."

Even thought the first voted ended with a tie, Goree believes he can be successful in Caddo Parish.

"I'm in no way worried or concerned with the first vote. I have the upmost respect for the board."

After Magner stepped down only nine out of 12 board members voted for Goree.

Goree says,"The board has spoken and I’m looking forward to working with each of them.”

The 12 board members are the decision making body for the district. So if they're divided it doesn't matter who the new superintendent is or what they try to accomplish.

Even though three board members didn't vote for Goree, board member Dottie Bell believes they can move past that.

“I want the community to know we came together, because it was for the children.”

Goree could start as early as December 1st. He will likely sign a three year contract. His asking starting salary is $200,000.

His predecessor Dr. Gerald Dawkins' starting salary was $197,000 back in 2008.

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