Employees, public raise concerns about changes to LSU Hospital

Employees, public raise concerns about changes to LSU Hospital

Officials with Biomedical Research Foundation and LSU Hospital discuss changes coming on October 1.

Question, after question, after question.

Officials with LSU Hospital and Biomedical Research Foundation provided answers to curious employees and the public.

Senator Greg Tarver put the meeting together, and he believes Biomed will give the hospital a chance to control its own destiny.

“If we did not have Biomed, we would have a company for profit, a healthcare company for profit,” says Sen. Tarver. “And they wouldn't be caring about people. They'll care about the bottom line: how much profit they're going to make."

Ruth Bryant's main concern was job security for current employees.

"First you're told you're not going to be out of work, then they tell you you are going to have to reapply."

Employees wanted to make sure they would have a fair chance at keeping their jobs once biomed takes over.

Steve Skrivanos, chairman of Biomed, says they will.

"We think we'll be able to take most, nearly 100% of the people, at least 95% at this point, of the applicants that are going through the process,” says Skrivanos. “Then we'll have to go out into the general public to fill the rest of the positions due to the retirement."

Then people spoke out about how long they wait to be seen by a doctor.

"Yes, I’m concerned about services too, because when you cut back on employees who are going to come in, what's going to be demanded of them?” asks Bryant. “Are they going to be able to give the same care that the patient has been getting?”

And even Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover raised questions about the 13-person board that will govern the hospital.

Skrivanos says Biomed is going through applications right now.

"And it's our hope at the end of the day the board will represent demographically and geographically the population we serve, and we're very sensitive to that," says Skrivanos.

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