Evangel gives gift of speed during holidays

Evangel gives gift of speed during holidays

Byron Dawson leads group of athletes in the annual Real Deal Speed Camp
SHREVEPORT, LA - It will be a speedy Christmas break for Evangel's 1,000 yard receiver Mac Meyer. 

"Over the Christmas break, I'll work-out, come to this speed camp, and try to get better," Meyer said.

He and a flock of Evangel Eagle's join head coach Byron Dawson and Wide Receiver's coach DJ Curry for the Real Deal Speed Camp. It's a five-day session spread throughout the holidays, designed to increase athlete's speed. 

"There is no such things as an offseason," Dawson said. "You always gotta keep working, keep getting better at the process, so these kids really get it."

Dawson and Curry both carry college football credentials with their coaching. Dawson's a former defensive lineman at LSU, Curry played wide receiver at Louisiana Tech. 


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